Alibaba’s NFT distribution is becoming a big hit in China, DragonVein will develop new NFT partnerships in China

Chinese tech giants have embraced the concept of NFTs, or “digital collectibles” as they are now called, and in the near future, more Chinese tech companies will join the NFTs industry.

DragonVein is working with major technology companies in China on NFTs, and DrgaonVein will act as the technology provider, in conjunction with the Chinese collectors we work with, for major technology companies, on new “digital collectibles” businesses.

DragonVein team to increase investment in metaverse building

Facebook Inc. recently changed its company name to Meta, which brings Facebook’s applications and technologies together under a new company brand. Meta’s focus will be on bringing metaverse to life, helping people connect, find community and grow their businesses.

Meta will feel like a hybrid of today’s online social experiences, sometimes expanding into three dimensions or projecting into the physical world. It will allow you to share immersive experiences with others, and even if you can’t be together, you can do things together that you can’t do in the physical world.

As we can see, Meta defines the metaverse as a big technological overhaul of VR social, and is going all out to build a metaverse based on social features.

DragonVein is the first project to focus on VR and blockchain storage technology, we will have a natural advantage in building the metaverse, our distributed storage technology can be used to store the large amount of data needed for the metaverse, our VR devices can allow users to easily enter the metaverse, our NFT can allow users to own their own assets in the metaverse, and support the NFT assets to and support inter-trading between NFT assets.

Recently, the DragonVein team has also consolidated its R&D team and decided to devote more resources to the construction of the metaverse. The goal is to technically solve several problems of the current metaverse construction:

1. Organize the redundant data fragments in the system

As more and more content is stored in a system, various redundant data will inevitably be generated. For example, different resolutions of the same image, even a single pixel change, will be recognized as different files in the system, which will generate invalid data and put pressure on the system. We will optimize the storage system in the future and use AI technology to organize the stored data and clean up similar redundant data.

2. Improve the read and write performance of the system

When the traditional VR application is transformed into a metaverse application, the read/write performance of the system will be more demanding, because the metaverse will have more details than VR, and there will be more read demand at the same time. We will improve the read/write speed of the system to maintain high availability in the metaverse application.

3. Increase the data bandwidth of nodes

DragonVein’s system is a huge system composed of a large number of nodes, where the data bandwidth between nodes determines the data transfer speed and system performance. We will develop a new byte stream compression algorithm to increase the data bandwidth between nodes while keeping the physical bandwidth unchanged, in preparation for the high data stream applications required by the metaverse in the future.

4. Wider use of NFT as an item identifier for metaverse

In traditional NFT applications, NFT is only used as an identifier for specific valuable items, e.g., physical artwork, digital artwork, blockchain parcels, etc. We feel that this is not enough, because items in the metaverse should be diverse, and we will use NFT in a broader range of common metaverse items such as buildings, landmarks, trees, ornaments, etc.

December will be very important for DragonVein, as we will be making a relatively large strategic change, and details of the subsequent changes will be announced in our community.
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Aries Chain is the total solution for next generation application.

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