DragonVein rebrands as Aries Chain to expand its business

Dragon Vein, a digital content assetization platform based on blockchain, is rebranding its brand identity to Aries Chain to be better recognized on a global scale.

Since its launch in 2017, Dragon Vein has provided a total VR solution for China Mobile, serving over 14 million users. With the new branding, Aries Chain changes its strategy for the business.

The project will build a new metaverse world as part of the new strategy. Firstly Aries will be upgraded on the original Dragon Vein module to an NFT-based digital content intellectual property protection system.

A decentralized content distribution network will be built as a 4K Ultra-HD standard streaming media platform operating at an extremely low cost. The original VR system will also be unified and upgraded. We will develop new high-performance devices while building a metaverse platform in line with the Aries value system.

The overall plan will be divided into three years:


  • the transformation of the NFT intellectual property protection system
  • the construction of an operational blockchain streaming platform
  • the design and engineering prototype production of new VR hardware


  • the NFT trading market, which supports any share of NFT transactions and pledges, will be completed and connected to the streaming platform
  • the mass production of new VR hardware products and the primary construction of the streaming interactive metaverse will be completed


  • the integration of the NFT market, streaming platform and metaverse will be completed.

Tony, CEO of Aries Chain, commented that “Metaverse and NFT are the trends of future development. Dragon Vein has all the metaverse and NFT development elements, but the original system has constrained our development. Aries is a brand new opportunity and a perfect starting point to build the ideal metaverse ecology.”

Aries Chain will change its brand identity in all places and promote its new brand to the community. We are also talking to MXEC and LBank exchanges to update the information accordingly.

Aries ecosystem is mainly a set of ecological platform-based application technologies built based on service terminals, blockchain networks, and edge networks. Data storage, transmission and interaction between consumers, content distributors (content market), content creators, and Aries blockchain nodes are performed through the edge network, while the transactions and confirmations between them are performed through the blockchain network.

Through service terminals such as the new VR rendering and display devices to meet the demand of reducing the barrier to consumer consumption digitization, through the edge network distributed storage and cloud-based VR to meet the demands of creators for platform compatibility, reduced transmission bandwidth and copyright protection, and through the unchangeable, full-tracking, public blockchain smart contract system to complete the demand for copyright confirmation, reduced creation costs and shorter billing cycles and channel fee rates.

At the same time, the creator can also pledge NFT for financing based on the release of NFT, and the user can obtain more revenue by loaning. The overall system’s operation has the essential elements that a perfect ecosystem should have, whether from the perspective of funding, confirming rights, or showing various levels. And based on the underlying framework, Aries builds a complete metaverse world in the upper layer.

Aries Chain’s new strategy includes:

Aries’ metaverse will take three stages of evolution -

Stage 1: Aries effectively builds a complete NFT-based digital content consumption ecosystem through the original ecological applications and NFT, which is also the entrance to the metaverse.

Stage 2: Aries’ metaverse will add more interactive VR content elements, such as each user can create or buy and rent their avatar image and create their own digital content space for interaction, thus creating a VR-based, social metaverse prototype.

Stage 3: Aries will introduce AR technology to break across the metaverse wall when users can be free to interact when, where or what space they are, and complete the integration of display and virtual space.

To learn more about Aries Chain, please visit our official website and community.




Aries Chain is the total solution for next generation application.

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Aries Chain

Aries Chain

Aries Chain is the total solution for next generation application.

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